Wednesday, July 19, 2006

SP8 and Dyeing!!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! My Secret Pal 8 is the most awesome person! She has outdone herself again!

Here are the contents of my second package, the BLUE package! (First package was the purple package)!

Here are the contents:

Two bags in a cool blue pattern, they are perfect for crafting on the go!
A cool blue beaded cell phone charm (and yes, I do have a cell phone, it is on it right now!!)

blue leaves
really pretty smelling soap
OPAL sock yarn!! I've been wanting to try this for ever, and have never actually seen it. It's SO soft, and really will make myself an awesome pair of socks!
Addi bamboo needles, very long, perfect for magic loop!
A cool knitting magazine, Simply Knitting. I've already found a few patterns to add to my to-do list. I'm so excited!
and orange chocolate!! It's sitting in my fridge resolidifying (darn sun!), and will enjoy that tonight when I get back from my card-making meet up.

I have also uploaded pictures of my dyeing excapade from last friday, but blogger is misbahaving and not letting me add any photos! Bad blogger!

This is my attempt with reds and browns. I used some black cherry kool aid, but the rest are from my Ateco food coloring set.

And here is my blue/purple attempt. The dark blue is much more what i wanted in the previous attempt, I just added more dye to the water/vinegar. The purple however, is violet...which doesn't really look very violet. It didn't resuspend very well, but it isn't too bad either. Kind of looks like I meant for it to turn out that way!

This is my last attempt, supposed to be purples and pinks, but the pink or fushia weren't resuspending at all so I tossed them. I substituted some black cherry kool aid again, and some grape as well. kind of funky, but I think it might just work for some mittens or a hat or something.