Monday, November 20, 2006

nice weekend

Friday night we got to go out!! Nathan and I headed down to Montgomery Mall, and did some christmas shopping, and had dinner. It was great to get out and get some of the shopping done without the kid. She's usually really good, but it's still easier without her.

Saturday after gymnastics, we went down to a furniture store in Rockville that is bankrupt and having a huge liquidation sale! We hoped to score some dressers or sofas. Unfortunately the dressers were all part of sets, none of which we could afford. The sofa's were another story! Our consultant helped us find a great sofa/loveseat set, that is made of microfiber, that is basically kid-proof! And it was at a fantastic price, including delivery, tax, and a fabric protection plan! Woo hoo! They were even able to deliver it the same day! So after a quick lunch, we went home and re-arranged our downstairs furniture a bit. The sofabed went into the office, and there was room for the new sofa and loveseat. They had a little trouble getting it in, but thankfully it worked! They look great, and are SO comfortable!

Sunday morning, I got up and headed out to Whole Foods to do some grocery shopping. I try to go there about once a month, to get some produce and meats, and of course hit the bakery! The corn bread is awesome, and I sometimes will splurge and get a little cake- which I did! I picked up the Strawberries and Cream cake, which we had last night for dessert. YUM! I had hoped to see one of my SP9 participants, but she wasn't working until later. After Whole Foods, we stopped at Noodles and Company to grab take-out for lunch. Celia refused to take a nap, so I left to finish up my errands. I ran back into WF, and got to meet up with one of my participants! It was really amazing how busy the place was! I got there, it was dead. Like a minute later, there were like 10 people waiting. So I waved bye, and headed to the wine store. I'm so excited I got to meet her!! (I'm not putting links here in case her SP is reading this and figures it out!) I just had to get a bottle of the Beaujolais Nouveau, that was just released last week. I got the meatloaf in the oven, and cracked open the bottle. I'll give a little review of that later, when I have the bottle in front of me. ;)