Thursday, November 02, 2006

Special Offer!

About a month ago, a good friend lost his 14 year old sister to Leukemia. I've been wanting to do something special in her memory, and finally came up with an idea! I've designed three sets of stitch markers, which I will sell here and at my etsy store. For each set that is sold, I will donate $2 to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! Each set is $10, plus 1$ for shipping. To create the stitch markers, I used the SP9 signiture colorways for inspiration (with the consent of Susie). Each set represents a different colorway. To order the stitch markers, send me an e-mail! I'll send you an invoice, and will ship the next day!! I have a few of each set made up, so I can start shipping tomorrow!

Here they are!!

Foxtrot: Black and grey glass beads, with pink swarovski crystal accents.

ChaCha: Black, grey and blue glass beads, with blue swarovski crystal accents.

Waltz: Blue glass beads, with fuschia, blue, purple and teal swarovski crystal accents.