Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wine review

So many of you don't know that I'm really into wine. I'm definitely not a wine snob, I enjoy a $7 bottle of wine as much as a $30 bottle of wine. I'd say it's a little bit of a hobby that my husband and I started together. I was first intereseted in wine in Europe, when I went with Nathan just after we started dating. We did a 18 day whirlwind tour, doing the train/hostel thing, and I loved how you could get a little pot of wine on the table for less than the cost of water. After we got back, we tried a few more, had some wine tasting parties at our apartment, and even went to Ontario's wine country for our honeymoom. We knew we were in trouble when we came back from the honeymoon with 4 cases of wine. Since then, we've pretty much always had at least 5 cases of wine in our house, and finally got a 47 bottle wine chiller last year for christmas. I think I'll start adding in wine reviews here for my benefit, and if I really get into logging, maybe I'll start a wine blog. But that will come in time.

For now, here is my first wine review!
Ever year, the third thursday of November, is the release date of Beaujolais Nouveau. I went to a local wine shop, and they had the Georges Duboeuf, 2006. If you want more info on how Beaujolais Nouveau is produced, go here.

I poured a glass and was immediately hit by the fruity aroma. The first taste was very different from what I expected. It was jammy, bursting with fruitness, and a hint of vanilla, it was almost overwhelming. But after the second taste, I was able to appreciate the wine a bit more. Overall, I enjoyed it! I had expected it to be a lot sweeter, and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't. I will definitely buy the 2007 vintage next year to compare.