Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thank you SP!!

I got home last night and noticed a box hanging from my mailbox as I pulled in the driveway! Sometimes the post office does that- will rubberband the box and hang it from the flag if they dont want to get out of the truck and walk it up to the door (no, we aren't far from the mailbox). So I ran down to the mailbox, grabbed the box and the rest of the mail, and ran inside. I tore it open and found some amazing things!! The first thing I did was read the card- a very cute card wishing a happy thanksgiving! then I pulled away the tissue paper to find a beautiful felted pumpkin bag!

It is realy lovely, and my daughter really wanted to grab it and run around with it but I wouldn't let her...this is mine! From there, I opened a bar of dark chocolate, with citrus! I was going to have some last night, but we went to Red Robin for dinner so I was totally stuffed.
Then followed two tins of tea bags, which look yummy! Earl grey and a hot cinnamon tea, I can't wait to try them both! I forgot to grab them on my way out of the house to bring them to work, so tonight when I get home I'll have some of the earl grey. And the sweet tarts...yummy! They are gone. ;)

Then, the yarn!! A beautiful skein of superwash nylon blend for socks. The colors are lovely- a pretty green and blue, and I will save it for a very special pair of socks for me.

Thanks pal, you are the best!! I will post pictures tonight, I promise! I couldn't find the cable to upload the pics off my camera- it always takes a day or two to find everything after the cleaning lady has been there. But truthfully, I would give up buying yarn in order to keep the cleaning lady. Yes, you read that right. ;)
And here is a cute pic of Celia helping me bake last weekend. She was mixing the dry ingredients. I was impressed at how good she was at helping, without being too much in the way. We had a lot of fun!!