Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dyeing 101

This past Saturday, I drove out to Baltimore to the studio of MamaE for a class on dyeing! I was excited about it the second I signed up, and let me tell you- I was NOT disappointed!! The ladies in the class were all awesome, and we all had a blast!
First, we started off using Kool Aid to dye with. Here's me painting my first skein. I used Iced blue raspberry and grape. It really smelled good in the studio after we broke into the koolaid! It really reminded me of my childhood.

Then, we used Wilton dyes, which I had tried before. I did 2 skeins using this stuff, one in burgandy and blue, and the other in violet and black. It was funky when I was squirting the color on- the black actually broke to green, and halo'd it. When it came out of the microwave, it was more eggplant than black, but I really love how it came out!!

After that, we had an amazing lunch, all catered by MamaE's wonderful husband D- Thanks again! The food and wine were awesome! After lunch, we went back up and started using the Acid dyes. This was my favorite part! The colors are pretty true to what they're supposed to be. It's a little more predictable, and I had a blast playing with them. I did 4 bumps of roving (from Crown Mountain Farms), and 3 skeins of sock yarn. I am in love with them all! It was so hard to decide which to skein up, wind to a ball and use first. It ended up being the turquoise, navy and lilac, and I started a sock wtih it the other night at Knit nite over in Columbia.

If anyone wants to really learn how to dye, I highly recommend MamaE's class! She's a truly wonderful teacher, and made the class what we needed it to be. Couldn't ask for a better way to spend a Saturday! the other pics are still on the camera and the cleaning ladies were here today so I can't find my cable...I'll upload later!