Wednesday, January 17, 2007

stash enhancements

Well! I just realized that I never posted about my christmas gifts, and other enhancements I've made recently!

First- Christmas gifts:
My mom (who is also a knitter) sent me a ballwinder and wood swift!! I knew what it was, and had been tortured not to open the boxes, but I waited a whole week past christmas so I could open it when my mom was down visiting. She also sent me my favorite Origins hand cream- it is one of the only ones that helps my cracked hands in the winter. Thanks Mom!!

My husband, I mean daughter, got me the KnitPicks Options needle set! I was beyond excited, because my husband swore he was not going to get me anything knitting related. He didn' daughter did! Yay!

My mother-in-law sent me a great project knitting bag. It's got a huge compartment for several projects, and pockets with gromits on the top to put yarn in so you can knit while the yarn is in the pocket. Way cool!!

My father, sent me cash. Which immediately went to Crownmountain farms and Bonkers Fiber. Both boxes arrived before Christmas! Yay!

I've been really good about not buying any yarn lately, because I'm saving my cash for my trip to Las Vegas in just over a week. I did, however, buy a membership to the STR sock club. And when I was in Buffalo this weekend, I had to go to Have Ewe Any Wool? and pick up some Encore worsted weight for an afghan I want to start soon. Other than that, I've been incredibly well behaved. I really have wanted to hit Woolwinders because they are having a great sale this month, but I've managed to stay away.

More on my trip to Buffalo, and miscellaneous other things in my next post!