Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I really dislike giant squirrels...

So, I'm home. I just finished my Panang beef from Tara Thai, we went there on Saturday and I enjoyed the leftovers as much as the originals. YUM!

I'm waiting for Nathan to get home so we can attempt to fix the siding where the Gianormous squirrel ate a hole through our siding. I'll post a pic later- it's a big hole! He actually thought he was going to do it himself, while I was at work. NO WAY! If he fell, he'd be laying on the ground for hours before anyone noticed. And he doesn't like heights, which makes it even worse for him. Thankfully, it should be fixed by tonight.

We're having the first of 2 estimates come through for the replacement of the siding. It's a quiet season here, so they can get us in pretty much immediately if we decide to do it. Honestly though, we'll probably wait a bit, and let the sticker shock of how much it's really going to cost us sink in. I have no idea...could be anywhere form 10K to 25K. If it's more than that, I'm running away form home. ;) Any guesses???