Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy New Year!

Only a week late...but Happy New Years to all of you!! I hope you had a great holiday! Mine was nice and low key- we hung out at home, played Monopoly (got my butt kicked), and were in bed by 10:30. It was really a perfect night!

Here are my New Years Resolutions:
1. Eat healthier- lose weight....which will hopefully lead to me getting pregnant. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!
2. Take 1 night for myself a week. I told Nathan when he started his second job that I wanted 1 night a week. He agreed, but it's just a matter of me actually taking it. And I will now! I actually went to my SnB this week, and I plan to go next week too!
3. Be neater- I have a tendancy to let the house get cluttered up really badly. No more!
4. Spend less money. This does include on yarn- while I'm not going to join the "Knit from your stash 2007" thing, I do plan to try to use what I have. This should leave me with lots of play money for MS&W and Stitches East.
5. Explore more! We've been living in the DC area for nearly 5 years, and we hardly get into DC or Baltimore. I want to start seeing more, and doing more. Especially now that Celia is old enough to really enjoy things like the Zoo, and the Aquarium.
6. Eat out less. I love food, and love to cook. But I get lazy and we end up eating out a lot, and we end up spending way too much. Kids meals are cheap, but they certainly aren't free!

As for knitting:
1. Complete a lace shawl
2. Make at least 6 pairs of socks
3. Make an afghan
4. Get better at with my wheel more (as soon as I can find that lazy kate with my extra bobbins! It's here somewhere!)

I leave you with a few pics of WIPs form the last few months.
Here is Celia in her legwarmers!! Too cute, and she loves them!

And here is the scarf I made for her teacher. I made an identical one for my SIL, which I forgot to take a pic of first. Both were out of Brooks Farm FourPlay. Pattern is feather and fan.