Saturday, April 07, 2007


I got up at 7 this morning, watched some TV, and then Celia got up. My husband was going to take her to gymnastics this morning, so I had the morning to myself! We got her dressed ad ready to go, and they left. I just got a call, from my husband, saying that there were no classes this week because of spring break. I had no idea! We missed last week because we were in Buffalo. Unfortunately, they were doing some team practices or something, so my husband got her undressed and ready to go in for her class, and then found out that it was cancelled. My poor daughter! She's so upset, he put her on the phone and said "mommy- I really want to play here!!" and started crying. And it's freezing outside, so we can't even go to the's a very odd sight with a dusting of snow and our cherry tree in the back yard! It's going to be a fun day...either bowling or chuckEcheese...good times!