Sunday, April 08, 2007


We ended up going to Chuck E Cheese for some fun and lunch yesterday. Celia really had a blast, and the pizza was pretty good too! The rest of the afternoon was nice and quiet. I took a nap (yeah!), and got some knitting done. Dinner was really good!! I took out the Let's Dish mexican pork wraps to make on friday, but thursday's dinner ended up being friday's since it wasn't thawed in time, so the pork waited. It was a crock pot roast, and you shread it and serve it on tortilla's. I have to say I didn't have high hopes, since I haven't gotten great dishes out of the crock pot before, but this one was really fantastic!! Thanks for suggesting it Guinifer! We all loved it- and Celia even ate an entire wrap by herself. She even took a second, which for her is huge!

This morning, Celia was up at 5:40 coughing again. It started friday, and has gotten a bit worse each day (today it's not good). So she was up early, and thankfully she let us sleep while we put Dora on. She found our easter baskets pretty fast, and was SO excited about it!! She had a bit of chocolate before breakfast, and a bit more after (of course!! she is my daughter after all!). I made some au gratin potatoes (some for our dinner, and some for our lunch/brunch we were headed to), and we relaxed a bit. Then we headed over to Lisa's place, where Celia and her kids played, and us adults had some great wine and food. We headed back home around 2, so we could pop a ham in the oven for dinner. It smells so good in here right now!! I can't wait! I really love ham and au gratin potatoes- YUM!

OH, and I finished my Socks That Rock socks in Highway 30, that I bought last fall. They're just a simple stockinette sock, but I love them. I'll post pics as soon as I can remember where I put my camera! Pesky thing keeps disappearing!!