Thursday, April 05, 2007

Why I love the DC area.

This past week has been absolutely amazing! Last thursday, I met up with Kathy over at Whole Foods for some yummy chocolate! I love that there are SO many Knitbloggers in the area, and every one that i've met have all been amazing! We sat and chatted while I had an amazing chocolate dessert. Wow was it good! And it was so much fun to sit and talk about knitting for nearly an hour (boy did that time fly!). Thanks Kathy!!

Then, this past weekend, I was up in Buffalo, and it was pretty chilly! I was getting used to the 70+ degree days. I did get my fill on Pizza, wings, MIghty Taco, and Tim Hortons, which was awesome! And I spent loads of time with friends and family, but it's always so nice to come back home. I drove up to our house, and a big forsythia bush was in full bloom, the cherry tree in the back was starting to bloom, and TONS of daffodils were blooming. And it's only early April!!

Today, I'm taking the afternoon off to spend the rest of the day in DC at the tidal basin, to take in all of the incredible cherry blossoms. We've been most years since we've been here, and try to make a point of going every year. They are just so beautiful! I'll definitely be taking tons of pictures!

And of course not to forget about Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival!! It's just a month away, and I'm already SO excited!! I have a plan of what I want to buy (though I'm sure it will change tons), and am so excited to meet up with some friends (both physical and cyber)!!! YEAH!!