Saturday, April 14, 2007

Last night, I stopped by my local bead store, and picked up some beads to make House stitch markers!! Here they are!!
All are made with glass or swarovski crystals. I had so much fun making these- they really got me in the spirit! I'll sell them individually for $2.00 US, with $1.50 shipping, and I"ll group them together- 3 for $5.00 puls shipping, and 5 for $8.00 plus shipping. You can order them by Email, or by checking out my etsyshop, Shelby Designs! They'll be posted later. IF you order these through the etsy shop, please don't pay!! The price there is set at $10 for a set of 5, I'll just adjust the invoice and send you a correct one!!



Ravenclaw (movie colors)

Ravenclaw (book colors)