Saturday, December 02, 2006

all baked out.

I spent most of the day baking, and I don't want to do anymore! I made 3 kinds of cookies: twisted wreathes/candy canes, almond spritz, and mint chocolate chip cookies. The dough for the cut-outs is chilling, and I'll bake them off tomorrow. I'm SO exhausted! Celia was a bit of a help, and made a huge mess all at the same time. It was fun though, and I can't wait for her to help with the cut-out cookies. It will look like a sugar/flour bomb went off in our kitchen tomorrow afternoon!

I started a pair of legwarmers for Celia this morning while at her gymnastics class. She was the only one there, so she had the teacher all to herself! She was really good too, I was proud. The gym is cold though, so I decided legwarmers were a must, since she doesn't want to wear her pants in there. They are purple/silver/navy and out of Tess yarns sock yarn. I'm making the pattern up as I go, so we'll see how they come out.

And, I signed up for a dyeing class in January, which I'm really looking forward to. And the other than the talented Mama-E!

Now, I'm off to watch some TV, knit, and down a Vodka and tea or two. ;)