Sunday, December 10, 2006

mitten swap package

I had a lovely surprise yesterday when I went outside to grab the mail before guests started arriving! It was my package from the mitten swap I participated in a month ago! I brought in inside and tore into it. What I found inside blew me away! I had heard from my pal Morgan, who let me know that it looked like my original package was lost in the mail between Canada and the US, and that she wanted to make sure I got my package before the holidays. She had someone put a package together for me here, and it was just fabulous! Beyond worth the wait! First, was a lovely pair of fingerless mittens- a lovely red with ladybug buttons on them. They are so warm too! Then came a scarf, which is so soft and warm- I'll be wearing it tomorrow for sure. Then came the hat! A beautiful black and red hat- with a pretty flower embellishment. There was also a sachet with little cards for gauge swatches- what a fantastic idea!! The package was put together by the Knitting Guru. All I can say is Thank you SO much- I really love everything. I'll be nice and warm this winter!!

EDITED to add pictures! I finally found the cord for my camera last night when cleaning off my desk so I could finish the Xmas cards I made.
Here are the fingerless mittens- way too cute! I love the ladybug buttons.

And here are pics of everything else. The scarf is so soft- the funky border around it is just amazingly soft! And I love the hat- it fits perfectly!