Tuesday, December 12, 2006

crazy weekend!

So this past weekend was our annual "holiday" party, and it was SO much fun!! I think that there were about 30 or so people at different times of the night. The food was great- I was so happy! I started out around 9am, made the stuffing, followed by the ham, followed by the turkey, and the yams simultaneously. Everything turned out great! A few friends didn't end up coming, but overall, everyone made it! It was so much fun to actually entertain without being cramped in our old townhouse. We had space, the kids got to run around like crazy, and the adults got to hang out and chat. I have to say it was by far the best party I've thrown! I did end up having a little too much to drink, but thankfully by about 10AM on Sunday I was feeling much better. The disgruntled elf sure packs a punch! And I seem to remember something about a chocolate martini...

So after a busy but fun weekend, it was back to work. Yesterday was good, and productive. Then last night I got a call from my dad saying that the hotel arrangements for our vegas weekend were changing and that I was going to be an a different hotel (NY, NY) all by myself. I guess there isn't enough room in my cousins' room for me too. In the end, it worked out really well though. My aunt was able to get one more room at a discounted rate at the Bellagio, so I'll have my own room at the same hotel as everyone else! Thankfully my dad is being awesome and splitting the room cost with me. (Thanks Dad, you rock!). Then, last night, darling daughter woke up at 1AM hacking and coughing so hard it freaked me out a bit. She's been doing it on and off for weeks, and has been congested for weeks, but last night the cough changed somehow. So I took her into the doctor, who said she definitely has an ear infection, and her lungs are wheezy. She said the cough has a little bit of a croupy sound to it, but not horribly. Her main concern was that she has had croup recently. Apparently when that happens, and you get sick again with a sinus infection/cold, the likelihood of developing wheezing is pretty high. So, I have to keep her home for a few days and watch to make sure it doesn't get worse (or make sure it gets better). If it's not better by friday, she has to go back agian and they'll treat her with a nebulizer. All freaky stuff, and I was a bit shocked, since I was hoping to hear "you're overreacting, she has a cold and that's it". So she's on antibiotics, and we're taking it easy.