Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas weekend

Celia is SO excited for Christmas, it's way too cute! She keeps saying that Santa is coming Sunday but today isn't sunday yet. She keeps saying she has a present for me too...last night she said it was a car, she's too funny! Somehow I doubt my husband would ever do something like buy me a car (when we can't afford it), just after we paid off our current cars. Silly girl!

Today will be busy!! I've got to take Celia to her gymnastics class this morning, and then head over to Whole Foods to buy the meat for christmas dinner. I'm planning on making a standing rib roast, with a currant gravy, but we'll see what they have that looks good. Definitely buying a dessert, some veggies, and some other random things. It's sad- Whole Foods is about halfway between home and work if I take the back roads, so I could go much more often, but I usually only get there once a month or so. Now if there was a Wegmans closer, I'd be there every week! There are 2 that are about 45 minutes away, but with holiday traffic I don't want to do that. I heard a rumor from a friend who has a relative who works at Wegmans, that they will be building one in Frederick, MD soon. If they do, I will be THE HAPPIEST person in the world!! I realy miss Wegmans. Every time I go home I stop in, and just wander around and buy all my local favorites. By some odd miracle, they actually carry most of the local WNY favorites at the Wegmans at Dulles!

Ok, enough rambling about grocery stores! Now for the knitting content. I have been working on a scarf for Celia's teacher that I"m planning on giving her tomorrow night when we're at her house for Christmas Eve. Which reminds me...I forgot to ask her what we should bring! I guess I will have to call her today. Anyway, I've been working on that, and socks. I did finish Celia's legwarmers for Gymnastics, but of course, the last 2 weeks Nathan took her so I didn't get to see them on her. I'm looking forward to taking her today so I can see them in use. They are way too cute though- I'll have to post a pic.

I may brave the mall this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon to grab a few more things for the husband. I got him mainly PS2 games and books, and he knows what his main gift is (a UPS for his computer). We'll see how it goes. Other than that, I'm looking forward to a nice and quiet weekend!!