Monday, October 16, 2006

It's here, it's here!!!!!

I got home to find my package!! I opened it up and saw this:

Such pretty paper, and a great card that revealed my pal!
I quickly opened everything! My daughter kept trying to open everything but I wouldn't let her. Dora the Explorer is great for distracting her. ;)

My pal, Suzie, our hostess with the mostest, completely spoiled me rotten! Everything was PERFECT!! I've had that exact colorway of Lisa Souza yarn (Berry Poppins) in my shopping cart several times! I had decided to order it after Rhinebeck, and now I don't have to! Also included is some Knit Picks essential in green, some chocolate, and english tea cookies, English blend tea (by Typhoo, which I've never seen before!) and some really cool mesh bags for the tea, which I've also never tried! And then there is the Stash Tea, double spice chai, which I can't wait to try! There's also a great sock pattern (which I'll use with the Lisa Souza). So many things, and so much fun!! Thanks Suzie! And thanks for organizing KTS2!! I'm definitely joining if there is a 3!