Friday, October 13, 2006


So my mom e-mails me yesterday with two words... IT'S SNOWING!!

Now I'm from Buffalo, NY, so that is where they are. All I could do was laugh. Then I get home and she calls me saying how creepy it is, it's a thunder storm only with snow instead of rain. And trees are falling everywhere! She said she went out to move a branch from the driveway, and all she could hear was wood cracking. And a branch fell just a few feet from where she was standing. Needless to say she ran inside.

This morning, I'm listening to WTOP, and one of the lead stories at 9AM, was "Buffalo, NY= 2 feet overnight...many without power...thruway closed from Rochester to Buffalo". And it's ONLY OCTOBER 13TH!! All I can say is it's going to be a LONG winter. And that I am extremely glad that my husband agreed to move down here for my job offer 4 years ago. Phew!