Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The wheel!

Sunday night, I took the wheel out of the box and put her together. Then I realized that it might have made more sense to wait to put it together until AFTER I had finished it. That's ok though, some of the parts easily came apart again so I was good. Last night, my wonderful husband gave our daughter a bath, and put her to bed, so I could go out to the garage and start staining my wheel! I sand-papered it lightly first, then slapped on some stain, and it looks fantastic!! I was going back and forth between doing a cherry stain, or something with more funk. I didn't take very long to decide, because when I looked at the stain samples at Benjamin Moore, I knew instantly that I had to use the one with a light blue tint to it. It turned out SO well! You can see the grain of the wood, but it's light blue. I will take pics tonight and show you all how it turned out. Now I must come up with a name for her...!