Sunday, October 22, 2006

Rhinebeck, the aftermath.

What a weekend! At 4pm, a friend and I hit the road and headed up to her parents house in New Jersey. At 5:30AM Saturday, the alarm went off, we got up, showered and on the road!

We stopped partway up for breakfast, and made it to the fairgrounds by 9:10. Thankfully, they were already selling tickets so we bought them and entered! The first stop was to be The Fold for Socks that Rock. I was lucky, in that they were already open, and the booth had only 10 other people shopping, so it wasn't too crazy at all! There was NO line, and I was done with my 3 skeins very quickly. 2 are for me, one for my SP9. Then, we walked around a bit, talked to some people and shopped some more.

I ended up chatting with a lady at a wheel, asking for advice, and she sent me over to Susan's Fiber Shop. She was very helpful, and I ended up buying a wheel! It is an Ashford Kiwi, and I'm really excited about it. Thankfully I spent less than I planned, and I was able to walk away with it! Now it's in a box and I need to put it together.

Here are some pics from the blogger meetup. I met lots of people, and got about 15 of my bingo squares crossed off!

Here is the lowdown on Rhinebeck- You have to get there EARLY unless you want to be stuck in traffic and long lines. By 12, it was packed! And in line for food, we heard that the drive from the expressway was 2 and a half hours long! It took us 10 minutes...just for comparison. We even got an awesome parking spot since we were so early. The layout is MUCH nicer than maryland sheep and wool- the barns have more space in the aisles, so you aren't as cramped. There seemed to be a lot fewer animals at Rhinebeck too. But overall, it was great! We had fun, got lots of shopping done! I'm lucky to live about 40 minutes from MS&W, so I think I'll stick with that next year.

Here are some pics of my new acquisitions:

Three skeins of Socks That Rock (though there were at least 10 more I wanted!), in colorways Pucks Mischief, Purple Rain, and Blue Brick Wall. Blue Face Leicester in greens/blues, Brooks Farm in a red colorway for a friend of mine, and some other special gifts. But I can't tell you about those!!

And the required pics of animals: